Repairing and Reparations: Buying Victims’ Silence in the DRC?

Originally posted on Justice in Conflict:
Mattia Cacciatori joins JiC for this post on the challenges of providing effective and appropriate reparations from the International Criminal Court. Mattia is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bath, focusing on the role of superpowers in the administration of Transitional Justice. (Photo: PressTV) In 2012, the International…

How do We Prosperous?

First of All Kill Laziness 2nd take Education/Knowledge of Stepping Ahead. 3rd Gain The Money-Money-Money as You Can. 4th Automatically You Will Be Capture by So Many(So Called)Friends n Relatives with Their Unnecessary Offers/Invitations of Ceremonial Happiness for A Better Life. 5th Without Friends n Relatives There is no Charm of Life Indeed = Happiness … More How do We Prosperous?