Kassandra and the Wolf – Margarita Karapanou (translated by NC Germanacos)

A Mind Blowing Lesson of Life

The Writes of Woman

It’s August which means it’s Women in Translation month, created and organised by Meytal over at Biblibio. It’s a chance to focus on a small area of the publishing industry which deserves both a much bigger spotlight and to grow at least in line with translations of works by men. Throughout the month I’ll be reading and reviewing books by women writers translated into English as will many other bloggers. Check out posts by Meytal/follow the hashtag #WITMonth on Twitter. There’s a post here that details the many ways you can get involved. My archive from (and since) last year is here.

My first review is a 1974 contemporary classic from Greece.

Kassandra is an eight-year-old girl living in Greece some time after the Civil War of 1944-1949. Her family appear to be upper class: she says she lives next door to the palace with her grandparents and…

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