How to Be a Heroine – Samantha Ellis

Struggler Women Owe n Faith on Every Person But Be Careful n Alert/Aware form Scroundles

The Writes of Woman

How to Be a Heroine begins with Ellis on the (West) Yorkshire moors on her way to Top Withins, the house that apparently inspired Wuthering Heights. Ellis and her best friend are arguing whether they’d be Jane Eyre or Cathy Earnshaw. Ellis says Cathy. (And I say, yes, of course, Cathy, she’s far more interesting.) But Ellis’ friend argues for Jane and it has an affect on her:

But when we reached Top Withens, the skies cleared. The clouds vanished and the sun shone, as if this was the backdrop for some moment of revelation. Which it was. I was wrong.

My whole life, I’d been trying to be Cathy, when I should have been trying to be Jane.

It sets Ellis wondering whether she’s been wrong about the other heroines she admired throughout her formative years and that gives her a project: to work out what these heroines…

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