Private schools: punishing the poorest, or providing much needed access to education?

The Rich Students Exhibits Their Status n Potentiality.
The Poor Students Demoralised by Unnecessary Punishments & Comments.
Maximum Population of The World are Poor & facing Such Type of Crucial Behaviour.
Until Each n Every Student must LEARN The Humanity Lessons with Psychological Impact on Subconscious Mind of Our ATTITUDE/BEHAVIOUR from The Starting of Education Life.
World must Have to Think Over It Seriously.
Ultimately These Type of Situations Warming & Disturbing The World PEACE.

World Education Blog

By Joanna Härmä, Research Officer for the EFA Global Monitoring Report and Aaron Benavot, Director of the EFA Global Monitoring Report. This blog first appeared on the education in crisis website.

UK DFID via Flickr UK DFID via Flickr

Private education, on the rise since the World Education Forum convened in Dakar (2000), is the subject of heated debate, with many asking: where governments are unwilling or unable to provide quality education for all children, should relatively poor parents be made to pay, even low fees, for access to basic education during the compulsory grades? And for parents who ‘choose’ the private school option, what are they really getting for their money? These issues are addressed, in part, in the 2015 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, launched last week entitled ‘Education for All 2000-2015: Achievement and Challenges.’

Particularly controversial in this debate is the role of small, ‘low-fee private’ schools targeting relatively…

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