This is exactly why we need more women in tech

A Faithful Devotion,Energy & Interest in Workability Growth of Women makes Them Well Planned Businesswomen.
Let Them GO AHEAD >>>


I’m here with a late-day addition to Woman Crush Wednesday: The Global Fund for Women organized a hackathon last year, which brought ladies from around the world together to build apps that try to solve, well — all kinds of problems that women deal with on a day-to-day basis.

“Like what?” you, a troll, might ask. “Like street harassment, sexual assault, and dumb and infuriating obstacles to accessing necessary reproductive healthcare,” I would respond — then I would shove you back under the bridge from whence you came.

Anyway, the women hackers came up with some genuinely great apps: One that logs and maps incidences of sexual harassment, one that turns reproductive healthcare into a video game, and one that lets girls in India — where sex ed isn’t just nonexistent, but taboo — ask all their sexual health-related questions to counselors. The winner, announced this week, was an app that featured Yelp-like reviews of…

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